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About ShellShockio.org

ShellShock.io is a multiplayer io game in which players can select different characters with unique weapons. This game also is a strategy game because the competition is very high between players. In Shellshock.io game, you can find a variety ofweapons which you can use to defeat the enemy and then you can win the sessions easily. Shellshock.io game has similar features compared to Counter Strike online version.

Our webiste has been sharing information about the game which are Shellshock.io guide, Shellshock.io tips, Shellshock.io weapons, Shellshock.io mods and Shellshock.io private servers. The main goal of this website is providing correct details about Shellshock.io game, so players can appreciate the game.

Official language of Shellshockio.org is English. The server of our website is located in Dallas, TX – United States.


For Players: contact@shellshockio.org
For Developers: admin@shellshockio.org

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