Guide Commands Guidebook is a game where you try to shoot other egg characters with your egg character. This game is played online, so you need to be quick and smart to be able to shoot other players. To play this game more effectively, you should learn commands and keys. So you can easily succeed in the game and have access to the highest score. Commands

You need to command your player and this will help them to move wisely, will jump and shoot other opponents and do the bulk of other activities easily. Even you can join other players and will make a clan to play with your friends and your relatives. So, you need to understand all commands first whenever you could play it in a better way. The gaming function you can recognize first if you want to pass on commands.

Commands Keys
Forward W
Backward S
Left A
Right D
Grenade Q
Swap Weapon E
Reload R commands

How you will realize commands?

Though you should want to know about all the things whenever you play the game then you have got first all the factors which help you in proceed command to your players. commands help you to get everything and you can win games easily while you realize all the things and gears to move your player. Don’t need to think twice whenever you want to win the game because you could shoot other opponents and will do all the activities faster in the game. If you want to find an easy way of understanding then you could see tutorials of the game and would be seen each and every control in just a few seconds.

Why is it mandatory?

To move your player and would protect it from another one, you can get an understanding of commands and would see desired results for your player. Seriously, you could change your weapons easily and will move it from one place to another in speed. So, if you want to pass on commands to your player then you should get better control about shooting and doing many other activities in the game. Instead of troubling and killing by enemies all time, you can realize all the tools once and would use effective techniques while playing the game with commands.

These upper listed facts will help you to know about all the things of the game. if you want to play the game then obviously you need to give commands to your player and for this, you have to understand all the controls first. Whenever you have knowledge of controls then you can give commands and move your players exactly. So, if you want to recognize commands then you need to check out all the controls first. Players should know controls very well in order to have a good game performance.

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